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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Motohobi OÜ is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and users. Accordingly, we have prepared these privacy policy principles for collecting, using, publishing, transmitting and storing customer data. Our activities on the Internet are in compliance with all relevant activities and relevant European Union legislation and the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

Collection and use of personal data

Personal information is data associated with you, specifically or indirectly, with a private person, which is collected and processed by Motohobi for the purpose of performing or contacting an individual and fulfilling statutory obligations.

The collection of personal data of a regular customer can be done in the following ways:

• when submitting contact information (including your name, personal identification code, postal address, telephone number, email address, preferred contact method) on our website or elsewhere (eg shops);

• Using a website through customer account information or cookies

• when making a purchase or order at our store or e-store when storing personal data or purchase preferences.

Use and storage of collected personal data

We use the collected personal information to deliver the goods and fulfill our obligations to the customer.

By agreeing to the terms of the Privacy Policy, Customer gives consent to Motohobile for the automated processing of their data. You can always withdraw your consent by making a statement. In order to better serve the customer, Motohobi may disclose information about individual users to a third party that provides Motohobile services and is bound by the agreement to keep the shared information confidential. The third party is, for example, our partner, which is responsible for the transportation of goods sold in the e-shop. Motohobi is the chief processor of personal data, Motohobi transmits the personal data necessary for the execution of payments to the payment processor AS Maksekeskus AS.

Protection of personal data

The Customer has the right to request the termination of the processing of his or her data, information on the use of the data and the transfer of data to himself or a third party in a public format. In order to avoid misuse of customer data and rights, applications may only be submitted in the form in which the applicant's person is identifiable (digitally signed or personally signed by the representative).

Privacy Policy Terms and Changes

When you use our website or fulfill a loyal customer application, you have read and accepted these principles and conditions. We reserve the right, if necessary, to change the General Terms and Conditions of Privacy Policy by informing all loyal customers, but we will do our best to keep our privacy policy up to date and available to you on our website.

You always have the right to apply to the Data Protection Inspectorate or the court to protect your data. The Data Protection Inspectorate is a national authority that can also be consulted on personal data protection issues for consultation or assistance.